Self Indicating Silica Gel

We are manufacturing two type of indicating gels. Self-Indicating Silica Gels will adsorb moisture in exactly the same way as standard non-indicating (white) silica gel, but they will literally indicate when they are becoming saturated by changing their colorless gel.

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White Silica Gel

We are the largest manufacturers of silica gel in india, manufacturing as per is:3401. Our quality of silica gel are superior in india.


Blue Silica Gel Manufacturers
In this type all the gel particles are impregnated with an indicator. When free from moisture the crystals of silica gel are blue. As they are put to use, the crystals can take up moisture, it gradually turns pink and gives a ready indication that done its work and need replacement or regeneration.

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Orange Silica Gel Exporter
Our Orange Silica Gel is not impregnated with cobalt chloride, it is the latest product that can replace the blue silica gel indicator. The composite dyeing agent without pollution to the environment has been successfully adopted during the manufacturing process of the orange silica gel indicator. In this way, it has prevent the cobalt

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