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Silica Gel Sachets or bags, are simply flexible 'containers ' of silica gel. The sachet material has to be robust and capable of withstanding normal handling whilst importantly being able to breathe. This means that water molecules can pass through the material and be adsorbed by the silica gel. Standard sachet materials are tea-bag paper, fabric, cotton or Tyvek™. Some sachets have heat-sealed seams, others are sewn.

We produce a range of standard size silica gel sachets using non-indicating (white) or self-indicating (orange/green, orange/colourless or blue) silica gel. In the latter case, the colours of the gel are visible through the sachet paper or fabric. Self-indicating silica gel sachets are often useful in test situations, to confirm the suitability of the sachet size chosen, or in cases where an item is frequently inspected and the sachet can be replaced if it has become exhausted.

Sachets are manufactured as standard in a heat-sealed non-woven fabric made from a 100% viscose fibre with an acrylic binder and polyamide coating. All sachets are printed with Desiccant   Silica Gel   Do Not Eat
Which Size Sachet To Use?
Silica Gel Sachet is always more effective in an enclosed environment. A physical barrier will discourage water vapour from continually entering such an environment, leaving the finite volume enclosed to be protected by the silica gel.

A general rule of thumb in a 'hermetically sealed' environment, is that 5 grams of silica gel are required per cubic foot of enclosed volume (or 170 grams per cubic meter). It is often prudent to err on the side of caution and use the nearest standard size sachet over the amount of silica gel that is theoretically required. For large volumes, using a few well spaced smaller sachets will reduce humidity levels faster than if using a single large sachet.
Often, environments cannot be considered 'hermetically sealed', there will be a number of factors which will increase the amount of silica gel that is needed.
Small silica gel sachets ( 0.5 to 10 gram)can prevent moisture damage to electrical goods and electronic components (internally and externally), scientific and optical instruments, communication equipment, metallic parts, leather goods, tools and many other small to medium sized items in use, store or transit.
Medium sized silica gel sachets (20 to 500 gram) can prevent moisture damage to larger electrical/ electronic items, metallic components and fabrications, contents of export packing cartons or crates and hygroscopic powders.
Large silica gel sachets (1 kg. to 5 kg.) can prevent moisture damage to items in transit in packing crates and shipping containers, large machinery and enclosed vessels such as tanks or pipes
Sachets Size
We offer various sachet ranges in heat-sealed non-woven fabric and in cloth fabric as below:

Grams :  0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 40, 50, 100, 250, 500 gram. & 1, 2, 2.5, 4, 5 kg.

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